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Blue Marble Materials Corporate Headquarters 

Office: (323) 724-BLUE  |  6052 Bandini Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040

Blue Marble Materials


Blue Marble Materials (Mattress Recycling) is the largest independent mattress recycling facility in the United States.


We have facilities all over Califoria state; Los Angeles and San Diego counties, the San Francisco Bay area, the San Joaquin valley, and surrounding areas.

* Our facility in Los Angeles is a 30,000 sq foot, modern warehouse with 6 loading docks and 30 foot ceilings. 


Blue Marble Materials provides the ideal solution to the growing problems of:

1. Discarded mattresses that are a blight to residential streets and end in landfills

2. Municipal financial losses due to the inefficient processing and landfill expenses of mattress disposal

3. Health risks to Americans who, unknowingly, purchase "renovated" mattresses made with unclean uses mattress components


Blue Marble Materials provides service to large municipal and commerical customers including, but not limited to:

Waste haulers; municial waste transfer stations and landfills; private waste transfer stations and landfills; mattress retailers; mattress manufacturers; hotel brands; educational institutions; military institutions; hospital and health-related institutions; and donation centers. 


Blue Marble Materials accepts all mattresses (except futons and waterbeds) box springs, and bed frames, regardless of condition, completely disassembles each mattress and guarantees that no mattresses will be sold to "renovators". Our facilities have the capacity to recycle 1,500,000 mattresses and box springs per year.