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Blue Marble Materials Corporate Headquarters 

Office: (323) 724-BLUE  |  6052 Bandini Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a customer need an appointment to drop off a mattress or box spring? 

  • No, come on over! We accept drop offs anytime during normal business hours.


Do you charge if an individual drops of mattresses or box springs? 

  • Absolutely not! Instead we will pay you $3.00 per mattress or box spring with a limit of up to 5 that can be dropped off at one time.


Do you pick up mattresses or box springs from individual households? 

  • No. Individuals can drop off their mattresses/boxsprings for FREE and even get paid $3 per item (up to 5 items) at ANY of our locations. We currently only pick up from commercial customers; please see our 'service options' page for more information on commercial servicing options.


Do mattresses and box springs dropped off have to be clean and free of insects?

  • No, don't worry! We'll take care of decontaminating the mattresses as necessary. However, we do not accept mattresses or box springs containing any biohazard such as broken glass or human waste.


Do you accept bed frames? Yes.


Does the mattress or box spring have to be whole? No. We accept partial mattresses or partial box springs and their components.


Are there any types of beds you don’t accept? We don’t accept futons or water beds.